The 69th annual Winnetka Children's Fair will be held on June 6th and 7th!  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Erika Schmitt at or check out the website at


Upcoming Events


9/3: First Day of School

9/10 - 1/11: Corridor Coffees 



Board Members

WCNS has a long tradition of maintaining a board made up of current, past and future parents of students enrolled at WCNS.  If you are interested in joining the board, please contact the VP of Membership, Dominique Birchmeier at

Winnetka Community Nursery School Board of Directors


Executive Positions:                                    

President:  Liz Smylie

Past-President:  KC Simon                      

Director:  Kathy Hardy                         

VP-Fair:  Amber Farashahi

VP-Fair: Erika Schmitt                      

VP-Finance:  Allison Weise

VP-Fundraising:  Erin Quinn

VP-Fundraising:  Molly Foster

VP-Human Resources:  Peggy Cook                         

VP-Membership:  Dominique Birchmeier           

VP-Plans and Operations: Anne Babick

VP-Communications:  Kelly Vergamini   

VP-Registration:  Shawna Radzik

Secretary:  Anna Jaymont

Treasurer:  Heather Boulanger            


Presiding Members:

Asst. Fair Corporate Sponsorships:  TBD                        

Asst. Finance / Summer Camp:  TBD

Asst. Communications PR:  Anna Jaymont

Asst. Communications/Technology:  TBD                   

Asst. Treas/Fundraising:  Patti Pierce                      

Asst. Treas/Payables:  Lori Nielsen

Asst. Treas/Payroll:  Elizabeth Stucker

Asst. Fundraising/Benefit Co-chair:  Effie O'Connell

Asst. Fundraising/Benefit Co-chair:  Laurie Hamman

Grand Receipts:  Sara McClain

Hospitality:  Heather Stepan                       

Hospitality:  Sarah Sims         

Insurance:  TBD

Allliance Rep./Parent Education:  Amber Farahashi            

Parent/Board Volunteers (1):  TBD

Community Outreach/Special Event:  TBD

Community Outreach/Special Events:  TBD

IT Support:  TBD