Educational Background:  
University of Illinois-Chicago, B.A., Social Work
Early Childhood Credential Level 3

About Daphne:  
Daphne has been with Winnetka Community Nursery School since 1996.  She earned a degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and has enjoyed graduate work in early childhood education. Having been a member of the WCNS community for her most of her adult life, Ms. Fugate feels the school has not only shaped who she is a as a teacher, but also as a parent and a person. Her greatest passion is young children and their development. One of her dreams is to, someday, open an “orphanage” in a rural area where the children will be able to grow up close to nature in an environment where they are loved, cherished and provided with all they need to grow up to be kind, resilient and independent adults.