Educational Background:  
University of Illinois-Chicago, B.A., Social Work
Early Childhood Education Credential Level 3

Number of Years Teaching:  
Twenty one with WCNS and 27 years in early childhood education.

Family and Pets:  
I have a wonderful husband, William, and a beautiful son Luke.  We have a very sweet, but sometimes naughty dog, Lucy.  My parents live nearby, for which I am very grateful.  Also nearby are my two brothers, their wives and my nieces and nephews.  

List five values you wish to pass onto children:  

  • Kindness
  • Reverence for life
  • Personal responsibility
  • Generosity of spirit
  • Acceptance of others

What do you like about yourself? 
I like that I am introspective and that I take responsibility for myself.  This enables me to change myself and make significant accommodations when life requires it.  I use experiences for learning about life and myself.  

What did you want to be when you were little?  
When I was little I wanted to be whatever profession I was regularly exposed to---and thought I could do better than the adults around me.  I wanted to be a teacher, a parent—and a nun.  I attended Catholic school until 6th grade and thought I could see myself living in a convent.  I have grown up to be a teacher and a parent.

Why is community important to you? 
Community is important to me because, in truth, we are all interrelated, all connected and we need each other.  Our need for each other is evident mentally, emotionally, and physically.  We cannot be all things.  We need others within the community to fill in the spaces that we cannot fill ourselves.  I am aware of how much we need each other for connection.  The worst punishment a prisoner faces is solitary confinement.  Community is important because we all need each other, to work, to help each other, and to connect.    

How are you an active member of your community?  
I invest myself in community by serving others.  I do this both professionally as I teach and on a volunteer basis.  After all these years of teaching and having so much support from the room parents in my class, I have started volunteering at my son’s school.  I have also volunteered with Hospice.  I love connecting with people and I have found that serving others is a wonderful way to create and foster connections.