Educational background:  Albion College, B.A., English Literature and History.  University of Wales, Aberwystwyth.  National-Louis University, M.Ed., Early Childhood Education; Illinois Directors Credential, Level III.

Number of years teaching:  18 years teaching children; four years teaching graduate school; 25 years directing.

Family and pets:  Husband of 35 years, Kent; Cole, 31 who General Counsel for Intelligent Medical Objects, Mary his new wife. Lauren, 28 a manager at Anthropology, Peter, 26, our artist.  Ourpugs Greta and Gulle.

List five values you wish to pass onto children:

  • Lust for learning.
  • Acceptance of individuality in other people.
  • Natural curiosity; a sense of wonder and marvel in discovering new ideas and points of view.
  • Strong sense of self and sufficient self-confidence to take risks necessary to learn and grow.
  • Appreciation for art and the desire to express thoughts and feelings creatively.  

What do you like about yourself?  
I am pragmatic and an optimist.

What did you want to be when you were little?  
I always wanted to be a teacher.  I would spend hours playing in my “classroom” in the basement of our house.  I had all the props—an easel with a blackboard, small desks, “dittos,” and an old grade book that my mother found.  I had a little cart with tons of art and teacher supplies, a stapler, paper clips, pads of paper and one of those red wax pencils with a pull-string used to sharpen its point.  Of course, I also had a box of gold stars.

Why is community important to you?  
Community is participatory, engaging and demand active involvement.  I like the interactions and knowing that individuals have the right to fulfill and expand on all of their potential.  Community creates a sense of belonging, a shared vision of hopes and dreams where multiple perspectives are valued and encouraged.  Communities strengthen and add value to our lives.  

How are you an active member of your community?
I have many communities both personally and professionally that support me in my work and life.  Professionally Winnetka Community Nursery School is my busiest community. I enthusiastically participate in the care, support and desire to create and provide a high quality learning experience for children and a supportive social learning experience in collaboration with parents, teachers and the greater community. I participate in many educational communities that I support with a desire to see improvements, gain new experiences and welcome the reciprocal exchange of skills and experience.  Living in Evanston I have served on many different community boards over the years which has empowered me to have a voice and speak up for others who may not be represented or able to do so.  Being involved in a community means active participation and the willingness to serve.  For me it helps to look beyond the microcosm of my own life and family and to take action to support and improve life for others.