Education Background: 
BA Early Childhood Education, Ashford University, Clinton IowaEarly Childhood Credential Level 5
Certificate in Child Development- Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

Number of Years Teaching: 
13 years

Family and Pets: 
Married to husband David since 1986, 3 boys - Joe 26 and our daughter-in-law Cynthea 26, Henry 22, and Colin 21

List five values you wish to pass on to children:

• Empathy

• Love and kindness

• Confidence / courage

• Sense of community

• Respect (of self, others and the environment)

What do you like about yourself? 
I like that I have a gentle nature and can help children and parents feel welcome and comfortable. Creativity and resourcefulness are also personal traits I feel glad about.

What did you want to be when you were little? 
I wanted to be an artist and a teacher – and that’s just what I did!

Why is community important to you? 
Community is important to all of us, and that is why we work hard to create a mini community in our classrooms. It shows children that we all belong and can feel respected and valued as unique individuals. In a community there is empathy and understanding. It gives us a place to feel supported, but it also gives us a place to be supportive to others.

How are you an active member of your community?
I enjoy helping others and feel it is an important part of being a neighbor. I also volunteer at our church, and (in the past) at our children’s schools. One of my favorite opportunities in the past was designing and implementing the first prairie garden at our elementary school. The gardens have continued to grow and flourish - and I am so happy about that! I am always on the lookout for new opportunities. I continue to look forward to being a part of the WCNS community!