Educational Background
Bachelor of Arts in Education, National Louis University, Evanston, IL

Number of Years Teaching:
12 years -  JK Teacher, Winnetka Community Nursery School in Winnetka, IL;  Lead Teacher 3-4 Year-Olds/Assistant/Substitute, Willow Wood Preschool in Winnetka, IL; 3rd Grade Teacher, Tripp School in Buffalo Grove, IL; 2nd Grade Teacher, Robinson School in Lyons, IL; Kindergarten Associate, Avoca West School in Glenview, IL

Family and Pets:  
I live in Winnetka with my husband, Scott, and our 4 children: Stephanie (23), Trevor (20), Brian (17), and Paige (14). 

List five values you wish to pass onto children:

  • Empathy  
  • Honesty  
  • Persistence  
  • Respect  
  • Justice

What do you like about yourself? 
What I like about myself is my willingness to listen to others and offer support, advice, and a compassionate ear whenever needed. 

What did you want to be when you were little? 
When I was little, I wanted to be an artist, a teacher, and a MOM!

Why is community important to you? 
Community is important to me as it represents a place of belonging.  It is a place where people come together to support one another and share their common values.  For me, community is a place of comfort and friendship.

How are you an active member of your community?
I am a member of many different communities:  Neighborhood, Work, School, Church, and Family.  My role in each of these is to contribute and share my abilities, thoughts, ideas, support, and love to help make each of my communities a better place.