The 69th annual Winnetka Children's Fair will be held on June 6th and 7th!  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Erika Schmitt at or check out the website at


Upcoming Events


9/3: First Day of School

9/10 - 1/11: Corridor Coffees 



Schedule a Tour

Please contact us to schedule a tour and learn more about our school. Phone 847.446.4432 or to email click here.

Take a Virtual Tour

You will gain insight into our organization of space, our resources and materials, and our educational philosophies and practices - all to provide a special environment for nurturing the individual development of your child. You can also enjoy a gallery of artwork for an inspiring glimpse into the uniquely creative and self-expressive world of a child.

Where are the Children?

You may notice that our students are absent from our Virtual Tour and our Website in general. We respect the privacy of children and have intentionally chosen to maintain and protect it.

Click here to view our Indoor Virtual Tour

Take a walk through our Outdoor Learning Center below:


The first thing you will notice when you visit our school is our amazing outdoor classroom and playground. 


Imagine children giving each other rides on our double tricycles as their cruise through the playground.


Trees and bushes support wildlife habitat as well as create magical cover for hide and seek.


Slide and monkey bars provide endless hours of play in summer AND winter when children creatively sled down the slide on snow discs.



A child's insatiable desire to climb is challenged at varying levels of difficulty through a plethora of climbing walls and structures staged throughout the playground.


Several elevated playhouses create opportunities for children to heighten the drama of their imaginary play as they bound on and of their "pirate ships", "fire stations" and "spaceships". 


The bridge is always a center of activity whether it is being overtaken by trolls or serving as a ship over the sandy waters below.


Our gazebo provides a shady place for teachers to conduct outdoor classes in botany, art and wildlife studies.


Children enjoy the unique opportunity to sit at an "outdoor" desk to create their masterpieces.


The tunnels serve children well as rabbit warrens and hideouts for superheroes.