WCNS seeks to meet the needs of all children who attend our school.  This includes those that need and/or receive supportive services outside of the school or during class time.  If you have a child with special needs, we invite you to talk to our staff and Director about his or her needs and how we may assist your family.

When meeting the needs of children with special needs WCNS seeks to be part of the professional team that is working with the child.  This includes meeting with parents and others as needed, receiving reports from those involved, and making recommendations as to the best course of action.  Our goal is to ensure that children attending our school do not pose an undue risk to themselves or to others and do not disrupt normal activities which would make it difficult for others to benefit from our programs.  This ensures that WCNS is aware of the responsibility and commitment needed to support your child.  

Please be aware that we place special needs children within our regular classrooms and seek to accommodate their needs through our existing resources.  We do not fundamentally alter our programs. If the needs of the child are greater than our ability to assist, WCNS will look to the parents to assist financially and discuss if there are necessary alternatives that may offer your child a better experience.  

At times, after careful consideration, we may find that we are unable to assist.  WCNS will either decline enrollment or ask that you withdraw your child from our program(s).